Restoring the White Salmon River by Removing Condit Dam

When Condit Dam was completed on the White Salmon River in 1913, it blocked salmon and steelhead runs and damaged the river's ecosystem.

The 125-foot high dam was an impassable barrier and limited salmon and steelhead to only three river miles. Moreover, the dam held back valuable sediment needed to replenish downstream river habitat.

In 1999, recognizing that Condit Dam had outlived its usefulness, the dam's owner, Pacificorp, signed an agreement with more than 20 parties, including conservation groups, the Yakama Nation, government agencies and recreation groups to remove the dam and let the White Salmon River flow free.

The dam was breached and the reservoir drained over the course of an hour on October 26, 2011. Watch the Blast Video Here. Follow progress and find more photos and video at the White Salmon Restored Timelapse Project Blog.



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