Current Factsheets from the Campaign

Condit Dam and Licensing 101

Fish and Dam Removal

Power Generation and Flows

Restoration of the White Salmon River: Land, Vegetation, and Wetlands


State and Federal Documents

Dam Removal Approvals

WA Dept of Ecology SEPA [State Environmental Policy Act] Final EIS (2007)

National Marine Fisheries Service, Biological Opinion (2006)

USFWS Condit Biological Opinion (2005)

Settlement Agreement (1999)

Key FERC Documents

Pacificorp submits their annual decommissiong progress report and six-month decomissioning status reports for the Condit Hydroelectric Project under P-2342

FERC Original FEIS (1996)

FERC Supplemental FEIS (2002)

FERC, Order on Petition for Declaratory Order, (2006)

Federal and State Laws that Apply to Condit Dam Removal

FERC Licensing Handbook: Text of the Federal Power Act and Discussion of other Federal and State Authorities 

Text of Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification  

EPA factsheet on Clean Water Act Section 404 Dredge and Fill Permit

Fish Ecology Documents

Independent Science Advisory Board (ISAB): Climate Change Impacts on Columbia
River Basin Fish and Wildlife (2007)

ISAB Latent Mortality Report (2007)

National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), Condit Biological Opinion (2006)  

NMFS Recovery Plan for the White Salmon River (2006)

Gregory Stewart,  Patterns and processes of Sediment Transport following
Sediment-filled Dam Removal in Gravel Bed Rivers (2006)

Underwood Conservation District for BPA,  Assess Current and Potential Salmonid
Production in Rattlesnake Creek Associated with Restoration Efforts (2005)

USFWS, Designation of Critical Habitat for the Bull Trout (2005)

ISAB Review of Current White Salmon River Sub-basin Plan (2004)

White Salmon River Sub-basin Plan (2004)

Northwest Council, Effects of Dams on Wild Fish Viability,  from Wenatchee Subbasin
Plan, Appendix C (2004)

WRIA 29 Map of Wind and White Salmon River basins (2004)

EPA Offers Temperature Guidance For Northwest Salmon and Trout (2003)  

USGS Assess Current and Potential Salmonid Production in Rattlesnake Creek
Associated with Restoration Efforts (2003)

Critical Salmonid Water Temperatures from EPA Region 10 Guidance for Pacific
Northwest State and Tribal Temperature Water Quality Standards, Appendix B (2003)

USGS White Salmon River Temperatures (2003)

USGS flow data for White Salmon River

NMFS, Factors causing decline of chinook salmon: An Addendum to the 1996 West
Coast Steelhead Factors for Decline Report (1996)

External Studies and Academic Articles


Wescorp, Fish Passage Alternatives at Condit Dam (2005)  

CH2M Hill Evaluation of Condit Hydroelectric Project as a Power Supply Resource (2002)  

Academic Articles

David Becker, Challenges of Dam Removal: The History and Lessons of the Condit Dam and
Potential Threats from the 2005 Federal Power Act Amendments, 36 Environmental Law
Review 43 (2006)

Michael C. Blumm and Viki A. Nadol, The Decline of the Hydropower Czar and the Rise of
Agency Pluralism in Hydroelectric Licensing, 26 Colum. J. Envtl. L. 81 (2001).

M.W. Doyle, E.H. Stanley, M.A. Luebiland and J.M. Harbor, Dam Removal; Physical, Biological
and Societal Considerations (2000)

Charlton H. Bonham, The Condit Dam Removal and Section 18 of the Federal Power Act: A
Coerced Settlement, 14 J. Envtl. L. & Litig. 97 (1999).

Phillip M. Bender, Restoring the Elwha, White Salmon, and Rogue Rivers: A Comparison of
Dam Removal Proposals in the Pacific Northwest, 17 J. Land Resources; Envtl. L. 189 (1997)

Max J. Mizejewski, FERC's Abdication of Jurisdiction Over Hydroelectric Dams on
Nonnavigable Rivers: A Potential Setback for Comprehensive Stream Management, 27 Envtl.
L. 741 (1997).



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