Media Gallery

- Explosive Breach of Condit Dam, Blast and Reservoir Timelapse
- Condit Dam Explosion
- Year of the River, Prelude to Condit Dam Removal"
- Condit Dam and the White Salmon, PacifiCorp video
- Condit Dam Update 1: Buildup to the Blast
- Currents, Hood River, OR
- The Art of Dam Removal
- Condit Dam Removal Explained, National Geographic
- Dam Removal Short Film, Outside TV
- Year of the River
- The Restored Lower Gorge, White Salmon
- The Hydropower Reform Coalition provides an interactive explanation of how dams block and change rivers.

- 'Restore the Narrows' Poster

- 'Restore the White Salmon River' Brochure
- PacifiCorp Condit Brochure



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