People and Supporters

"The dam was key in the early settlement of the area and development of local resources.  Now we have other, larger
sources of power and the dam is no longer needed.  What we
need now are places for salmon and steelhead to spawn.  Dam
removal would restore the river back  to its orginal state."

                           - George Knehr, White Salmon

"Removal of Condit Dam will open many miles of habitat to wild salmon.The loss of less than 1% of the generating capacity in the Columbia River system is far outweighed by the gain of vital habitat only one major dam away from the Pacific. We will all benefit from the restoration of salmon to the White Salmon River."
                           - Pat Arnold, Trout Lake

"My great-grandfather was owner/editor of the White Salmon
Enterprise about the time Condit Dam construction began.   I’m sure he was for construction of the dam because they needed power. I’m equally sure he’d be for dam removal now because we have adequate power from other sources, but inadequate fish habitat."
                          - Chuck Virts, White Salmon

"Plans for river management need to include the needs of all users, including rafting outfitters like ourselves."

                          - Mark Zoller, BZ Corner

"The steelhead will spawn the season following dam removal. The salmon may take several years to become fully established."
                        - Carl Dugger,  Washougal
                           retired WDFW Habitat Program Manager

Read a summary of Carl's December 2006 talk on resestablishing fish runs in the White Salmon River.              

Removal of Condit Dam will be the result of a historic settlement agreement between PacifiCorp and these governmental and public interest groups:

National Marine Fisheries Service
U.S. Dept. of Interior
U.S. Forest Service
Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Washington Dept. of Ecology
Yakama Nation
American Rivers
American Whitewater
Columbia Gorge Audubon Society
Columbia Gorge Coalition
Columbia Riverkeeper

Federation of Fly Fishers
Friends of the Columbia Gorge
Friends of the Earth
Friends of the White Salmon
The Mountaineers / Mountaineers Foundation
Rivers Council of Washington
The Sierra Club
Trout Unlimited
Wild Fish Conservancy
Washington Wilderness Coalition




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